At Arrow we understand that no matter how good risk mitigation measures are losses do happen and when they do, an effective and efficient claims handling service is of paramount importance to all.

To achieve this, we advise our panel of insurers to work with a carefully selected list of TPA’s and experts that we are confident have the right specialists and systems in place to handle the claim and who we know share our values on proactive, efficient, fair and transparent claims handling processes.

We also aid our Insurers by reviewing systems and advising on the best way to ensure that they have efficient and flexible processes and systems in place to eradicate bottlenecks and unnecessary steps from the process, we actively encourage clear and regular communication between all parties and we only ever ask for information we genuinely need, thereby enabling prompt handling and lower costs.

Our objective is simple, deliver a claims handling framework that facilitates a fast, simple and fair claims service for all clients with an accurate coverage determination of every claim made in an expeditious and cost-efficient manner.