Information Technology

At Arrow we like so many others love technology and wholeheartedly agree that when deployed correctly it is extremely beneficial to what we do.

But we are mindful too that a huge black hole has developed within our industry centred around the notion that investing in the latest technology automatically adds value to a product portfolio. When you multiply systems, angles and accounting systems, high costs and inefficient processes are all too often the result.

To fully realise the benefits offered by technology we understand that we need to be “smart” in how and where we use it. We believe that any technological solution needs to be cost effective, perform a necessary function, be fit for purpose and add genuine quantifiable value to the bottom line of profitable underwriting.

To achieve this, we work with all our partners to help them develop and integrate their systems effectively so that they can attain streamlined processes for data collection, policy issuance and claims management and avoid unnecessary leakage of precious business capital via the technological drain.